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I saw some pretty cool ideas for "repurposing" (hip-speak for reusing) stuff you already have here. While I'm in no way, shape or form a green nut, I'm enough of a true Yankee cheapskate to hate to see useful things go to waste.

Speaking of waste, if this reporter hadn't gone from school to school for this story, how much more good food would have gone straight into the garbage?
On a cool fall morning in a North Side lunchroom, tiny Chicago Public Schools students lined up for breakfast.

Once in their seats, they fiddled with milk cartons, tore open cereal containers and sipped from their juice cups. But most never got to the waxy apples or unpeeled oranges on their trays.

About 10 minutes later, a lunchroom worker commanded them to toss the rest of their food and get to class.

"If you take any food out of this room," she threatened, "they will stop the whole breakfast program."

I gasped and urged a little girl to keep her untouched orange.

"Just put it in your backpack," I whispered. She looked at me like I was nuts.

Dutifully, the children dumped piles of untouched fruit into plastic bins and walked to class.

That's just nuts, and I'm glad the school district did something positive to stop the waste and feed hungry kids.

This is a fascinating story, and it will be interesting to see if the Cook County Forest Preserve did indeed have presidential permission to take tribal land. Given that at the time of the taking government frequently played fast and loose with Native American rights, I don't doubt that the family may well be in the legal right here.

Stay tuned!

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funny pictures of dogs with captions
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Spell check. I haz it.

When they straighten out the glitches, I want one of these.

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Anonymous said...

Cool story Les - brought back memories of passing out milk cartons at St. Mary of the Universe Elementary school!

Miss you!