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Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! (I can haz mine own one plz?)

Haaaaaaaaahahaha! It's about time!

I still maintain that the reason Climategate is ignored by big media here in the U.S. is that our government is too heavily invested -- financially, emotionally and scientifically -- to admit the large-scale fraud that was perpetrated against us.

So many people have identified themselves so closely with the idea of global warming that to admit the data isn't and never was there is to call themselves frauds. Those are the folks that should be furiously demanding that the light of truth shine on the isssue, instead of continuing to bury their heads under a blanket of lies. The only reason they don't, I believe, is that they're affected by a weird version of Stockholm Syndrome -- let's call it Copenhagen Climate Council Co-Dependence, shall we?

Nice to see that the paparazzi has done as Tiger asked and left his wife and daughter alone. Shitheads.

I needed a happy story, and Ellen and Kara gave it to me.

I still get a link from Gutrumbles every once in a while. Today was one of those days, so I headed on over there for a stroll down memory lane with the ghost of Old Crankypants, who dearly loved music.

This post, originally posted in June of 2004, made me wish he'd chosen to take better care of himself so he'd have stuck around long enough to really embrace Youtube, which was relatively new technology back in mid-2006 when he passed from this world out into the ether. Surely he'd still have posted stuff this and this (his only two Youtube links) from time to time, but he'd certainly have posted a hell of a lot more like this for your listening pleasure:

(You're not gone if you're carried in someone's heart, Rob. And your friends still miss you a lot.)

She then goes into long explanation of what that's not true. I can sum it up more succinctly:
He speaks perfectly well and we understand his explanations and his politics just fine; many of us just happen to reject them.

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