Leslie's Omnibus

Road Conditions

On the way to the train station this a.m.
We had to walk in the street,
as the sidewalks were knee-deep in snow

How deep? Knee-deep!

On the way home last night.

All that, and an earthquake,* too (which I, of course, slept right through).

There are some drawbacks to this weather, but you've got to keep things in perspective. And if all else fails, at least know how to put an artificially rosy glow on your outlook.

*I found this map fairly disconcerting, as I had no idea that there was that much seismic activity in the middle of the country.

Update: Because we don't need any more people turning up their toes after shoveling, go read this.


Jerry in Indiana said...

I heard you guys had an earthquake. We had one about 2 years ago. Midwest quakes. Weird, huh?

Omnibus Driver said...

We had one here a couple of years ago, as well. And living so close to the New Madrid fault line, we may as well live in coastal California. One of these days the tectonic plates are really going to shift and Chicago, if it's not under water, will be a seaport.

Graumagus said...

I slept through it. Again.