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The lovely and talented Miss Nancy and I have been trying to plan a date for a blogmeet around Bluebonnet season for years and have finally just said, "Screw it! Let's do it!"

Here's the plan, and it's a loose one:

Thursday, April 8th:
  • Noon - ? Sightseeing in Austin.
  • We're parking our cabooses at the Super 8 Austin Downtown/Capitol Area (1201 N. I-35).
  • Dinner/drinks with whoever might be in town and want to meet for dinner. We're open for suggestions.
Friday, April 9th:
Saturday, April 10th:
  • Sightseeing in Houston (my first trip, yay!) with 'Pup and/or anyone else who's interested in making sure I see the best of your city.
  • Dinner at Goode Company with as many of y'all as possible.
Sunday, April 11th:
  • Take Miss Nancy and 'Pup somewhere really nice for brunch as a thank-you. (Suggestions, please!)
  • Hit a garden center or two. It's a tradition.
  • Head home!
The airfare was cheap (under $250 round trip) and the hotel was cheap (under $75/night). Anyone is welcome to join us; just give us a shout so we know to be looking for you!


El Capitan said...

Excellent! It will be great to see you! Let me know where you're going on Saturday, and I'll tag along. As for brunch, try the Dharma Cafe or Georgia's Farm to Market, a buffet tucked inside a huge health food store.

See you in April!

kerrcarto said...

If you have time take the drive from Fredericksburg to Llano. You will not regret it.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

If you hate time take the drive from Austin to Fort Worth. You will not regret it.
Pay no attention to kerrcarto.

Jim said...

What? No trip to the local shooting range? No pilgrimage to Collector's Firearms?


Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Omnibus Driver said...

Well... Miss Nancy has to work during the day on Saturday, so you fellas, if you were crazy enough, could give me a safety and shooting lesson, I suppose. It doesn't have to be an entirely girly weekend...