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Because I adore clever, snarky people, I share this with you. That's at least a week's worth of giggles.

I wondered about this Tea Party candidate in Texas, then Kerrcarto filled in the details, and it's not good. Ah, well.

In other political news that is good news, Col. Allen West is running again. I'm behind him 100%:

Good luck, sir!

I can get a Craig Ferguson fix any time I want now. Yahoo!

The worst restaurant names in the world?

The Chicago Tribune has added a new blog where there's dialog between the reporting staff and the readership. Cool stuff.

Ta-ta for now. I'm off to celebrate!


Mark said...

Love the list of restaurant names;
I have to think that "Crabby Dick's" is aware of the problem, given their lunch special announcement:

"Dip yer balls in our seaman sauce."

Anonymous said...

I love Lt Col West! I think he needs to run for President in 2012 to shape this country up. There is a lot of tape of him on youtube.

Congratulations on you being a Nana soon!!


Kevin said...

Speaking of Craig Ferguson, he read my letter a few months ago.



Omnibus Driver said...

Kev -- I saw that at the time. Good for you! Now, will you be Tweeting back and forth with him, too?

Kevin said...

Facebook is bad enough. Twitter takes vainglory to a new level.