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I'm thinking El Capitan needs this book so he can learn how best to defend himself against the dread anti-pirate potato canon.

Quote of the Day:
It's my belief that if one person falls down in this world, there should be two people right there to take her by the hands and pick her up. One falls down, two pick her up. Let it begin right here.

Ooooh, look! We might be able to actually dance on the ceiling yet!

Hmmmmmm. It sounds like Hair Boy finally got himself a governor who has a big set of stindeens. He must be beside himself with glee.

After any one of these messages, I'd be taken aback. Get all of them at once? I'd be at home with the covers pulled over my head!

No one was harmed here, and the hospital has gone out of it's way to make sure a mix-up like this never happens again. They've gotten every apology in the world. It's time to withdraw the frivolous lawsuit.

Don't these idiots get that it's stupid lawsuits like this that drive up health care costs???

I guess this explains why so many schools in this state absolutely suck. Why should kids have to pass with reasonable grades when their teachers can't???

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