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Question of the Day: If drivers who go faster than the speed limit are called speeders, what are drivers who go slower than the speed limit in the left lane of a multilane highway?

Answer of the Day: The Princess Mom... and most Florida drivers. (A law like this would have bankrupted her.)

Update: It's one of those days where it seems like everything I read makes me think of the Princess Mom. Sigh.

Taking "going green" too far? You decide.

I've been saying for a while that the Kindle should be cheaper... or even used as a loss leader. Seems like someone at Amazon was paying attention.

Yes, I found Google Buzz incredibly annoying. Yes, I'm glad Google made it possible to turn it off. This is a prime example of a technology roll out done entirely wrong. I didn't ask for it, didn't want it, and resent the hell out of having my privacy invaded that way.

Update: Lawsuit!

Head-Scratcher of the Day:

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Anonymous said...

Having lived there for 10 years, I immediately thought of FL too!!

My mom would get in what ever lane she had to turn from, miles and miles ahead of time. And I had one too many people back up on exits they mistakenly took, people driving opposite of traffic. Bad stuff!

Miss you, and I don't miss having to go to FL. :)


Omnibus Driver said...

It's really a wonder the Princess Mom never ended up a road rage statistic, as she habitually drove in the passing lane at exactly the posted speed limit... and would raise a stiff middle finger to anyone who tailgated her or honked at her.

She must have had an angel riding on her shoulder!

(Miss you, too!)