Leslie's Omnibus

Road Conditions

We've got more snow coming. Haul your old dinette sets, lawn chairs, traffic cones, etc. back up onto your front porch this afternoon, as you'll need them to call "dibs" once you shovel your parking spot out again in the morning.

And, for God's sake, don't move the stuff that marks the spot that someone else has called dibs on, or you'll end up with one or more of these.

Geeze! Even Mayor Shortshanks is a proponent of dibs!


Teresa said...

My daughter had been away for a long weekend and only just got back under the wire before the major stuff moved in. Whew. Stay warm out there!

Omnibus Driver said...

Actually, it's in the low 30's, and it should be a wetter, heavier snow than we've had so far. It'll melt before you know it... just not before being a nuisance for the commute tomorrow!