Leslie's Omnibus


That's what my heart did when my brother called me this morning.

Remember all those prayers you offered up that worked so well the last time?

Please start offering them up again.

The Princess Mom's cancer is out of remission... and she had seizures last night. She's in the hospital right now, and having a lot of tests. The cancer may have metastasized from her lung to her brain.

I'm heading out to visit tonight, and am hopeful we will have more answers once the docs have run her through a battery of tests.

The Princess Mom has defied the odds before, and cancer treatment improves all the time. We've been really lucky that she's done so well for so long, and her attitude is great.

My friend SuperGurl has a great phrase for what you have to do when the world is crashing down around your ears -- "embrace the suck" -- and that's just what I'm going to do.

Update: The Princess Mom has been released from the hospital and is headed home to my brother's house. According to Keith, there are three small spots of cancer showing in her cranial x-rays. I'll be talking with my sister later for technical details and treatment plan info. (Yes, hostilities have been suspended for the duration.)

The current plan is for me to head home tonight, do a little laundry, pack a bag and take the train directly out to Marriage-and-Baby-Land after work tomorrow night.

Ugh. I hate this.


Walrilla said...

Thoughts, prayers, well wishes, good vibrations, and whatever else I can think of, are on their way.



Teresa said...

*sigh* I so know what you're going through. Many many prayers and good wishes going out to all of you.

Maeve said...

Ah hell Leslie. I am so sorry to hear this. I'll be lighting my special candle for you.

H2o said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Northwoods Woman said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry! And I'm sorry I wasn't home when you called even more now! I'm off Saturday night and Sunday morning, call me if you can! Love and prayers for all of you!