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The Mom Update

Here's a quick run-down on what I learned the weekend:

-- The memory lapses appear to be have more to do with short-term memory than long-term memory. They're really not all that noticeable until you run into questions like about what kind of treatment she's going to be undergoing. (I had to correct her in about 5 telephone conversation in a row when she'd tell people she was having chemo. It's not (at least yet); it's radiation.) When she's finally heard a correction about five or six times, you can practically see the light bulb start to glow.

Radiation treatments start today, and go 5 days a week for three consecutive weeks.

They're radiating her entire brain.

She's off to shop for a wig on Wednesday. (My brother suggested hot pink ala Britney Spears. TPM was not amused.)

The doctors will discuss chemotherapy for attacking the lung tumors some time after radiation ends.

The car is coming from Florida. (Stubborn, stubborn little woman... but all the stuff she didn't bring via airplane is currently packed in the car. I can see her point... kind of.)

My cousin is flying in from Boston to spend some time with TPM and give Sainted SIL a break. That's great.

MMPC had a wonderful visit with TPM and I yesterday, and then we met up with CancunAnne and Pistol Pete for dinner. We are so blessed that our families have grown so close!

TMBCITW and TMPAE think I own the Magic Suitcase. Lance Burton couldn't have pulled nearly as many goodies out of thin air as I pulled out of the Magic Suitcase this weekend. (Bribery will get you everywhere.)

I can call Monaco on my cell phone. Cool.

My family is not the only one who could use some serious prayers. Please say a few for Teresa's family and for Oddybobo's.


Northwoods Woman said...

Many, many prayers for your family. Is there anything else I can do? Love ya!

Nancy said...

It sounds like your family members are gathering together to face, and fight this together.

A magic suitcase? Doesn't every Super Aunt have one?

Maeve said...

Thanks for the update, I was wondering how things were. Ahh the magicak suitcase! Works every time!

El Capitan said...

Fingers crossed down here in H-Town for a successful treatment!

BTW, I kinda like those rainbow clown wigs, but I'm probably alone in that...

Venomous Kate said...

We tried talking my mom into going the wig route, too. I even Photoshopped all sorts of hairstyles onto a picture of her: the "Rachel", an old Reba-do, Gwyneth Paltrow's old hippy-straight hair and Halle Berry's Bond Girl pixie. Nothin' doing. She's decided she's going to stick with hats which, admittedly, look adorable on her.

Be sure to encourage your mom to drink Ensure to cope with the nausea and weight loss that radiation (and later chemo) will cause. My mom was so happy at first to have finally slimmed down to her "dream weight", but 20 lbs. after that it got worrisome. That Ensure stuff is miraculous for cancer patients.

Jerry said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. Hand in there, kiddo!

Teresa said...

My mom hasn't got any short term memory anymore... I answer the same questions every 5 minutes, so after a while I start changing the subject ;-)

Prayers going out for minimal discomfort during all this for her. *sigh* It tough.