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Camp BlownStar - Part III

I've got Radio Free Texas playing on my earphones as inspiration for the wrap-up. It's fitting, as Kerrcarto did a wonderful mix CD of Texas artists that played all weekend long.

The last day of a blogmeet is always tough, as we Blown-Eyes really, really, really hate to say goodbye. And huggers? Yes, yes, YES we are!

The only smart one of us was Denny, who was up at the crack of dawn to head out for Las Cruces. That's cruel and unusual punishment to make us get up that early!

We stumbled into the kitchen, a few at a time, and SuperGurl provided gorgeous quiches for breakfast, along with loads of leftover fresh fruit and gallons of OJ. Clean up and pack up was a team operation, actually pretty well choreographed but resembling a classic Keystone Kops caper.

After SuperGurl sorted us out into our various vehicles (it kind felt like Harry Potter's Sorting Hat), most of us headed over to our "overflow" camp, Japonica, for more quality time along the Guadalupe, after much hugging and promising to stay in touch.

Three quarters of us showed up, communed by the river, then we slipped off, a few at a time, hugging necks all along the way.

CharlieDelta and I were chauffeured by Kerrcarto to the airport in San Antonio, with a brief run through the downtown area:

Of course, the batteries in my camera went kaput just before we got to the Alamo. (Rats.) It really is as small as they say it is... but really moving.

And, just like I hate winding up these posts... I guess I'll just mosey off for the holiday weekend. Consider yourself hugged, okay?

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H2o said...

I have the same pictures from the weekend before. My daughter has never been to the riverwalk and so we made a stop there and the Alamo.