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What's my perfect belly dance costume?

wild, different...rawr... [And it is perfect for a Leo like me.]

What's yours?

Heard today on Radio Free Texas:

Laughed myself silly, I did. (And I'm truly hooked on that online radio station!)

Why do I love Mostly Cajun? Check it.

Well here's the biggest bunch of horse hockey I've ever heard. I used to love the U.K. Now I simply think they're all more than a bit barmy.

I hate to say it, but they had it coming. What part of klaxons, flashing red lights and warning gates did these idiots not understand? Argh! What an incredible waste.

The nanny state rears it's ugly head in Chicago theater. If we pretend it wasn't so, I guess it really wasn't... right?

It takes one to know one, I guess. And he's the reigning expert.

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RedNeck said...

Here's what I got for the belly dancin' thing...


I need that low hangin' skirt thingy(turquoise kilt) to cover... my important but rarely used low hanngin parts.

I think I just need to avoid gay belly dancers if I'm wearin' that thing.