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No one is really looking? No one is really looking?! I CAN SEE YOUR CASH AND PRIZES! THAT MEANS IT IS TIME FOR NEW PANTS.
The Plumcake, sometimes she makes me laugh out loud.

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The Chinese government takes a page out of the Chicago Alderman's Playbook:
China will punish airlines whose passengers refuse to disembark or misbehave in protest over problems like delayed flights, an official said on Thursday, as the Olympics host tries to lift standards before the Games.

Frustration at mysterious delays and abrupt diversions and cancellations have at times boiled over into violence at Chinese airports, with passengers trying to storm grounded aircraft and police having to be brought in to keep the peace.

There have also been cases in which passengers, after delayed arrivals, have refused to get off aircraft in protest.

Deputy head of the civil aviation regulator, Yang Guoqing, said enough was enough after numerous warnings to airlines to treat their passengers better appeared to have failed.
Yup. Punish the airlines. That'll work.



Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough is that most of China's pilots are government trained and have to serve for life or pay a bazillion dollars to get out. With an increase of new airlines, they are finding that they have been overworked and far underpaid. They need a union, but I don't see that happening in China! Wow, I guess this airline stuff is rubbing off on me. ;)

Miss you,

Omnibus Driver said...

Thanks for the info, Barrie. (And I miss you, too.)