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It's out! My Author Blog Son Mark Paulson's book, 9/11 and Home, is now available at all the major e-tailers.

I was an early reader of his manuscript, and can assure you it's not a 9/11 horror story. It is, in fact, Mark's story of how he got stuck in Newark on 9/10 and was watching from the airport as the towers fell. It's also about America, baseball, religion, race relations, the necessary and proper use of profanity, family, friends new and old, frustration, sex, drugs, politics, cocktails, diabetes... the desire to go home and what home means to him.

Why should you read Mark? He's very, very funny. For example, I got this hilarious email from him last night:
Don't know if copied u on email, very drunk in new york right now, all star game anmd all, but my book is now on ama azon and barnes and noble dot coms. See ya soom hopefully
(He'll kill me for that later. But he'll do it cheerfully.) He's also a very approachable and likable guy.

Ultimately, 9/11 and Home is like sitting down at a bar next to a complete stranger and having him spin a bawdy, irreverent and fantastic yarn, most of which just happens to be true.

Pour yourself a scotch, pull up a barstool, and meet my friend Mark. (If you're ever in Chicago, I might just be able to make that happen in person, too!) You'll like him as much as I do, I swear.

P.S. -- See you soom, too, Mark!


Anonymous said...

Paulson wrote a book? THAT'S what he's been pounding away on his machine about while swilling beer and shots of Goldschlager (Les sic?)and giggling to himself?. I just thought the boy was maybe a bit of a dullard! Of course I jest......this book grabs you by the short curlies and YANKS! Man Les.....I don't get emails from Mark when he's on the road.....you must be special!

Anonymous said...

That previous post should show up as authored by Big J......bloggings hard!