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So Jesse used the "N" word? Yes, he apologized, but his apology for using it is underwhelming, at best. The real kicker are these words:
"I also pray that we, as a nation, can move on to address the real issues that affect the American people."
And here I thought the whole Rainbow PUSH/civil rights movement/race relations thing is a real issue that affects the American people. Silly, silly me.

It was, in fact, a big damn deal when Michael Richards used the same word, and good ol' Jesse was in the forefront of the condemners:

Jackson said on Fox and in his Chicago Sun-Times column that the n-word is a "hate word ... it's a punch in the groin disguised as a word. ... It is divisive, it is painful. One cannot sanitize this. So whether it is degrading or self-degrading, whether it is hate or self-hate, it is wrong."
But apparently only when a white man is saying it on camera. Certainly not when a black religious leader thinks he's off-camera. I've personally witnessed him exhibiting equally lousy behavior and language when he was nowhere near a rolling camera and acting like Mr. Cool when he was in the vicinity of cameras and mics. This is nothing new. It's about time he got caught at it, the big hypocrite.

Yippee! It's safe for Hairboy to visit Chicago any time now. (Hint, hint, hint!!!)

In anticipation of The Dark Knight, here are 20 Everyday Items If They Were Designed For Batman. (No. 9 particularly tickles my funny bone!)

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