Leslie's Omnibus

The Mom Update

So here's the scoop:

Yesterday the Princess Mom's white blood count was sky-high.

Her blood sugar couldn't be stabilized.

Her INR was about 7 when they shuffled her straight off to the emergency room. By one point last night, her INR was 14. (I once had an INR of 5.3 and Dr. Hot Stuff went nuts. You can imagine how concerned they were with a score of 14!)

She wasn't real coherent, and she was having some incontinence problems.

Today's complaints include double vision (caused by the steroid she's on), a bladder infection and dehydration. After several transfusions of platelets, IV fluids and antibiotics and some oral diabetes meds, she's coming around.

She's out of Intensive Care, and in a step-down unit in the Heart wing of Edward Hospital. With any luck, they'll be sending her home after her radiation treatment tomorrow. I'll be heading out there first thing tomorrow morning to spend the day with her.

I'm so glad she's here and not in Florida.

Thanks for all the prayers and kind words. They really do help, you know.


Desert Cat said...

Being nearby and being able to participate in some way seems to do something for us who are losing close relatives.

I can't imagine hearing of my Mom or Dad dying across the country somewhere while days go by and I wait for the final news.

Desert Cat said...

Or *not* losing, as the case may be, but fighting. Praying that your Mom sees a full remission again.

Nancy said...

INRs are no fun to work with, I hope they got that down quick. Leslie, I hope you can spend some more time with your mom soon.

Anonymous said...

... hang in there, Leslie...... she is hanging tough...... and so should you....


Anonymous said...

hope shes better soon