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Tootin' the Horn

Kudos to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, who is giving Cardinal Francis George what for over his failure to protect children from alleged pedophile priests:

The buck stops with Cardinal Francis George. Period. Whatever process was put in place to protect children from suspected pedophile priests didn't work.

The cardinal is responsible for protecting and serving his flock, no matter how overburdened he may be.

As a columnist and a member of his flock, I am entitled to an opinion.

I've got a better use for all those crosiers pointing in my direction:

Instead, use your shepherd's crooks, symbols of your office, to lead the children of your flocks to safety.

Good for Sneed. It's about time the media took the gloves off when it comes to criticizing the leadership of the Catholic church in Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

What bites, is the VIRTUS system emplaced to prevent this sort of thing seems to apply only to the hoipoloi.