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Once again, there's new meaning for the phrase, "Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it."

Energize Your Underpants
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Forget the Flintstones, all you need for your daily vitamin dose is a pair of souped-up skivvies. Trendy Australian undies maker aussieBum has rolled out vitamin-infused undies called Essence, according to The New York Post.

Company founder Sean Ashby told the paper health-care giant Bayer developed the drawers' special blend of polyester and lycra to "trap organic substances, which are then released slowly by natural body heat."

The enlivening underpants offer "dermo-protective properties" and "give your whole body an overall feeling of well-being," the company said.

The beefed-up briefs come in acerola, a plant rich in vitamin C, ginseng and the company hopes to release a Viagra version soon, Ashby told The Post.

The concept was cooked up by "a bunch of us sitting around the pub last year, having a few beers, when I asked, 'What can we do with our knickers that'll be the next big thing?'" Ashby told The Post.

"One of my guys joked that we should put vitamins in them ­ and everyone laughed. But the next day I realized what a great idea that was," he said.

The $24 laced lingerie debuts in New York next month at men's retail chain Universal Gear ­ they were launched in Australia and Europe last month.

The toughened tighty-whities stay vital through 15 washings, and then should be soaked in "Essence Extender" to re-energize them, Ashby told The Post.

Some 25,000 pairs of invigorating underpants have already been sold worldwide so far.

[So the next time you see someone with more pep in their step than usual, you're going to wonder, aren't you?]

(A tip of the cap to Catfish.)


Harvey said...

Yes, but are they edible?

If so, are they Atkins-friendly? :-)

GUYK said...

There are just so many straight lines in this one that I don't know where to start so I am just going to pass.