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Received today from Take Back the Memorial:

Monday, February 27 at noon (Church and Liberty St. WTC site)

In just a few weeks, LMDC will break ground on a memorial and museum that will put the safety of future visitors in peril and will fail to honor the 9/11 dead.

We urge you to stand with us to support the emergency personnel unions as their leaders publicly address the safety and security concerns LMDC has created through their mismanagement and lack of transparency.

If we are to rescue the memorial, we need your help!

The current plan is to start building the memorial in March so we must make our voices heard now or America will be stuck with a bargain basement memorial that fails to provide for the safety of its visitors.

WHEN: Monday, February 27, 2006 at NOON

WHERE: Corners of Church and Liberty Streets at the World Trade Center site

WHO: Advocates for 9/11 Fallen Heroes Memorial* Union and 9/11 family leadership and supporters will also be in attendance

PURPOSE: To publicly protest the memorial as it is currently proposed.

Union leaders, safety experts and 9/11 community leaders will publicly address the numerous safety and security problems LMDC is creating through its misguided plans and mismanagement. Speakers will also address how LMDC still refuses to list the names of those killed in the way their families and most Americans desire. The vast majority of families have formally requested their loved ones be listed by their individual affiliations. LMDC has ignored this request since 2004.

We encourage you to bring photos of your loved ones and to bring signs. To ensure our message is uniform please choose from the slogans noted below:
  • LMDC Values Political Expediency Over Safety of Visitors
  • Rescue the 9/11 Memorial from the LMDC
  • LMDC process is Opposite of Transparent
  • LMDC Makes Bad Decisions BEHIND CLOSED DOORS
  • Time Stamp is a Red Herring
  • Don't skimp on Safety and Security for the 9/11 Memorial
  • Less Ramps - Less Access for the Public
  • LMDC Changes to Memorial Must NOT go forward
  • Don't build the Memorial on the Cheap
  • The Heroes of 9/11 deserve a Magnificent Memorial
  • Why only two ramps - put back the original four - Safety before Cost
  • Raise the 9/11 Museum above Ground
  • LMDC: Learn from 9/11 and Past Mistakes
(Live in New York? Make sure you go!)

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at wtc every day said...

I don't know if I agree with this... I think these are very few of the 9/11 families pretending that they speak for all 9/11 families. When they say "in the way their families desire" they're talking about a few select families attempting to represent the whole.

They want the rescue workers to be listed separately from the office workers and commuters. Maybe it is different - they rushed in there knowing their life was at stake. But how does that make them different? Gone is gone.

All this talk about safety? I think that's the real red herring - is there really any reason to believe that the World Trade Center as a public memorial site will be a future target any more than any other site in the city?

Most importantly, while I sympathize with their pain, I don't think that just because your loved one died somewhere you get to chose what is done with that site for the rest of eternity. My grandmother died in a nursing home - do I get to protest there every time I don't like their renovations?

Yes, it's different... I can see that... but I don't think it's THAT different. You have your say (through protests and by having 9/11 families on the board), and then, ultimately, the people who own the site get to do what they want to do.

Just my two cents.