Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

I knew this was coming, but it still saddens me greatly. Rat bastard coward.

This is downright disappointing. I expected better of Gretzky.

Update: Okay, so the guy was just trying to rescue his wife here. Still... nah. Not going there.

This is just creepy. Ick.

Stuff like this always turns out to be fraudulent. Why do people even bother?

I almost wish they hadn't found this place. You just know it'll end up as an eco-tourism spot, and sooner rather than later. Why do we always have to screw with nature?


Contagion said...

Because it is our nature. Humans are too curious and will dissect anything to better understand how it works. However, you have to admit it's kinda cool. I mean an actual piece of unexplored land.

wayne said...

There are far more areas like this than most people realize. While this IS changing more and more rapidly we still have quite a way to go.

Indonesia for all of its large population has a number of islands that have few people living on them and that are rarely visited.

There are lots of places out West that are relatively empty and most of Canada, Alaska, and Siberia are pretty much totally untouched.