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Lifted from Livey:

Your Love Quote

Good kissers are strong men who will have your back.

Bad kissers are weak men who will just like to grab your butt.

Word up.

Does anyone know what happened to Queenie McFarland? Her blog's gone silent and emails to her bounce back. I miss her!

Don't you just love a good David and Goliath story? That just made my day.

My parents never would have bought this explanation. Then again, I never would have been stupid enough to go along with a stunt like this. (And I went to Glenbard East, not Glenbard West.)

Did you see the men's figure skating last night? I'm rooting for an underdog for silver or bronze this time. I really like Canada's Jeffrey Buttle. The kid's got pizzazz. Now if he could only land all his jumps.......


Oddybobo said...

Oh man! That quote cracks me up! And rings true for a lot of old boyfriends. . .

Catfish said...

Quotes? When in doubt, whip it out.

Contagion said...

Hey, my wife says I'm a good kisser and I like to grab her butt! There's nothing wrong with Butt Grabbing!

I guess I don't understand how performing in your underwear is giong to help you get over stage fright. We never did that when I was in plays in school.

Richmond said...

I have to say though, that Yevgeny Plushenko (thanks google for the spelling) was AMAZING.

I love the olympics. Love, love, love them.... :)

Harvey said...

Seconding Contagion on butt-grabbing :-)