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Who cares if Six Flags is unhappy about his identity being revealed? This guy always made me giggle.

(A tip of the cap to Jim Treacher, whose other blogging location I refuse to link to on the grounds that I just gave up the evil weed. Go find it yourself.)

So, I'm headed back off to the sleep medicine center tonight to get wired for sound and hooked up for a permanent anti-snore machine. Egads, this has stirred up a shitstorm of clashing opinions! Who knew apnea was such a controversial topic?

Will sleeping with a CPAP rig take some getting used to? I assume so. However, I have chosen one of the more streamlined options -- more like wearing a snorkle than having an alien plastered to my face and wrapped around my head.

Uncomfortable? Maybe. But no more so than the week I spent sleeping in shooting earmuffs. (That's a whole 'nuther story.) If I can sleep in shooting earmuffs, I can get used to a snorkle.

I'm sure these machines aren't for everyone. But if it works for me, if it puts a little more pep in my step and allows me to bounce out of bed happy and wide awake every morning, I'm willing to give it a whirl. I'm tired of having a draggin' wagon all the time.

(Quite frankly, the biggest pain in the ha-ha about this whole process is not being able to have any caffeinated beverages for 8 hours before the testing. And let me tell you, decaf is nasty. No, it does not taste like real coffee. Not any more than Equal tastes like Spenda tastes like Sweet'n Low tastes like sugar. Yes. I can tell 'em apart blindfolded and holding my nose.)


og said...

I hope it goes well for you. After several weeks I told the idiot to take his cpap machine and insert it into himself.

Contagion said...

Have fun, well try to have fun.

As for the sweeteners, I can taste the difference too.

Elisson said...

That CPAP machine isn't so hard to get used to. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but after you start using it - and getting some real sleep, for once - you will wonder how you ever did without it.