Leslie's Omnibus

Roadside Assistance

My dear friend Pam, who has certainly gone through trials and tribulations of her own through the last year, sent a care package for my "Sister" Ethel.

I delivered it last night.  Ethel's excitement was off the charts.  Behold:

New top...

New sweater...

New pants...

New pot holder that says, "Home Sweet Home."  "I'ma hang this up in my kitchen wall!"

New dish cloths and towels...

New bath towels and face cloths...

New bath mat...

Sweet note with Dunkin Donuts gift card...

For once she was too excited to sit and chat, and zoomed out of the train station on her new electric wheelchair (yay!) so she could catch the first bus home. I got a voicemail later telling me she had arrived home and had gleefully arranged all of her new things.

Generosity on the one hand, gratitude on the other, and I got to witness it all.


pamibe said...

How sweet! God bless Ethel and all her friends, near and far.

Rev. Carra said...

It is a tremendous feeling when the life of a friend is made intentionally better, and you get to be a part of that transformation. Leslie has been part of many such transformations throughout her life. Many thanks, good friend.

Omnibabe said...

I was raised on treating everyone as worthwhile. And my "sister", who needs reinforcement that she is a child of God who deserves good things, makes my heart happy.

GlassesShop said...

How sweet! i like her smile

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Kate Lynch said...

Lovely pictures, Maddy! My favorite was the last one, but I also LOVE dewdrop photography, so it’s a hard choice. ??

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