Leslie's Omnibus


I have had this blasted song ping-ponging around between my ears for over 24 hours:

... but finally, thanks to Jim Henson's Little Red Book's post today, I have an old familiar ear worm to torture me...

Quite frankly, I'm not sure which one is perkier... or more annoying.



We know it has been some time but we did want to tell you how very much we appreciate all the kinds words of compassion you left us for over the loss of our dearly beloved Abby. We are humbled by all the support and love we received and there is no way we can tell you how much it meant to us.

Angel Abby & Family

Omnibabe said...

It has been five years since the Divine Miss Marilyn crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and I am still not over it. There are pets we love, and then there are the ones that are our great loves. I know Angel Abby was yours, and you truly have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Big hugs!

The Complete TAO Attraction System said...
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