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I swear this is blasphemy:
America, let's be honest on this point: It is not so great to have pie. For decades now, this confection of fragile dough and chunky cooked fruit has been invading our dessert menus and national mythology, trying to persuade us of its honored standing among baked goods and the gods. Pie is delicious, we are told. Pie is an honest treat. Pie is what we call those who are dear to us ("sweetie pie") and those with a place in the nation's history ("American as"). In an age of gruesome culture wars, pie remains temperamentally Swiss, doing business with all quarters and reaping the rewards of broad acceptance.
You can have your cake and your cupcakes and your brownies and your cookies.

I. Like. Pie.

Raspberry, cherry, apple, pumpkin, banana cream, pecan, chess, vinegar, rhubarb, strawberry, blackberry, Key Lime, lemon meringue -- all of 'em. (Did I mention raspberry? I really, really love raspberry.) With homemade flaky and delicious crust, especially.

I love the contrast between sweet, tart and a bit of salt from the crust. The crunch of the fork through the crust. The layers of flavor and texture.

I love baking them. I love eating them. Plain. Ala mode. With country cream.

The best foods in the world are either messy to eat or use every pot and utensil in the kitchen to make. Who wants neat food, for cripes sake??? Yuck.

Nathan Heller is a Philistine. And has no taste buds. So there.

Update: 11 Irresistible Chocolate Pies -- yum!


Nancy said...

That pie looks good enough to skip the fork and go straight to with fingers (assuming one was not in polite company)....

Graumagus said...

I'm thinking he's just never had good pie.

Or he's insane.

Ether or :)

Elisson said...

Once in a while I'll find a cake that actually tastes as good as it looks. But that's unusual.

Pie, on the other hand, rarely disappoints. Sweet or savory, it matters not: Crust and filling combine to form a creation that is far, far greater than the mere sum of its parts.

Anyone who does not love pie - pie in all of its glorious, infinite varieties - has a shriveled, dead soul. To hate pie is to hate life.