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In the shock poll of the day, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has pulled into a statistical tie with Mitt Romney in the former Massachusetts governor’s backyard, New Hampshire.
Why is this a shocker?

Look -- fiscal conservatives are terrified that Romney will be the Republican candidate, based on his performance as governor of Massachusetts. To those of us who lean more to the center on social issues, Bachman is a loon. Sadly, Perry has repeatedly shot himself in the foot during debates. Cain is rapidly falling apart on his tax plan, foreign policy and the freak show of women accusing him of sexual harassment.

I'm not happy with any of these, but if I have to hold my nose when I pull the lever in the voting booth, I'm going to do it for the person who's least likely to harm the economy any more and most likely to do some good. And that simply is not Obama.

It's a pretty awful field of candidates when Palin's choice not to run is starting to look like a crying shame.

(And, FWIW, here's the guy I'd have been thrilled to back.)
“We had it put in his hand because that is what he came for,” said another son, Dr. Robert Hoshizaki.
Get out your hankies.

This sounds like a pretty cool gig, indeed:
Gigwalk, a free app for iPhone and coming for Android, pays users small fees to perform tasks for companies that need local eyes and ears on the ground. Microsoft Corp.'s Bing, for example, enlists Gigwalkers to photograph businesses for map listings. Navigation service TomTom uses Gigwalkers to verify turn restrictions or bridge heights. Several consumer packaged-goods companies send Gigwalkers to retailers to ensure their products are being displayed properly....

Most gigs pay as little as $4, but as Gigwalkers become more experienced, they accumulate "street cred" that enables them to access more challenging jobs, such as photographing hotels or testing mobile apps, that pay up to $95 a pop.
If you live in Chicago, South Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Philadelphia or Seattle, you might just want to check it out.

I just don't understand people sometimes:
And if you think about what you would have done in a situation where you caught someone you love and respect in that position, is it really so obvious, as the chest thumping punditariat proclaims, that you would have leaped into the shower, beaten the snot out of him, and frog marched him to the police station after you rescued the kid? Really? You'd have done that to your father, your favorite uncle, your best friend, a beloved mentor?
Yes. I would.

I am appalled at this line of thinking:
I'm sure at some level they worry about other kids Grandpa might be touching--but they also worry about what would happen to Grandpa in jail, and the rest of his family in the court of public opinion.
Quite frankly, you'd do far better in the court of this public's opinion if you turned your perv of a Grandpa in to the authorities.

Can we stop making apologies for all of these people for their unwillingness to stand up for defenseless children? This just sickens me.


El Capitan said...

Gingrich the Newt, IMHO, is pretty much a scumbag on a personal level. OTOH, that's no different from just about any other Democrat, and at this point, I'll gladly take a scumbag with a sound fiscal policy.

Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan's plan would take some 25 years. I love that he is an economist instead of a lawyer, but America is going down and we don't have that long!

Still I'll vote for even Romney over commie Obama!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Ridge

12 years in Congress - 6 as govornor.
( Experienced )
1st Homeland secretary
(Foreign policy/hawkish )
Resigned because he was forced to raise the security threat on the eve of the 2004 elections ( has integrity ).

Signed 5 times as many execution warrants in 6 years than the previous 25 years combined ( though only carried out 3 ).

Proposed charter schools and academic expectations.

His only drawback is being pro-choice.