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My friend with the farookin' fabulous heada hair gets freaked out by alligators and crocodiles. Me?
Authorities in a state in Brazil's northeast are scrambling to take the fright and the bite off the beach after piranhas sunk their teeth into about 100 beachgoers, UOL Noticias reported.

The problem -- rather fearsome given piranhas' horror-movie teeth and ability to sink them into human flesh -- has been the biggest at the main beach area in Piaui state; authorities said they need to act fast to reduce a piranha overpopulation situation.

Last weekend, at least 100 bathers were treated at the hospital in Jose de Freitas not far from Terezina, Piaui's capital, after being bitten on the heels or toes at the local beach.

Ay caramba!

When I heard they'd signed Katherine Heigl to play Stephanie Plum, I knew One for the Money was going to be bad... but I had no idea it was going to be this bad:

Seriously, that's some of the worst casting since The Bridges of Madison County, which I also predicted would be awful, given the horrible miscasting of Eastwood and Streep.

Don't bother with the movie, but do get the book, which is hilarious.

Get your hankies out for the winners of the American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards.

Looks like TOTUS has been dragged out of mothballs and plugged back in. Huzzah!


Pammy said...

While I'm tickled to see the book finally made into a movie, Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum?? Ick.

Crappy casting, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Oh no, this looks all about Morelli when I'm a Rangerbabe! Just kidding, but that is not what I expected

Plus, I've been boycotting any books by Evanovich since nothing ever changes. Don't things change in life, wouldn't Steph grow stronger eventually?

Frustrated in AZ, that's why I read Fan Fiction, because they have more imagination than Evanovich!

Okay, done with the rant!!!!!!

Love you and miss you like crazy. Like I told Jeff & Sandie the other night at the Cinderella concert, the less I call you, the more I love you. :)