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Just when you think you've heard it all, you find out that the ACLU is suing to get porn for South Carolina inmates and that the KKK protests the WBC. Is there a full moon this week?

I've been having some real doozies of dreams lately. In the past couple of days they've included:
  • Two long-haired Dachshunds -- one white, one tan;
  • A fistful of small unstretched canvas paintings that turned to bits of colored cotton knit fabric in my hands because I took too long to pick which one I wanted;
  • A fantastic pillow-strewn bed with beautiful cream colored linens perched high on the side of a hill overlooking a lake. The sun was behind the waves of the lake, revealing schools of shimmering fish and mermaids;
  • Skeet shooting;
  • Gorgeous architectural arches with a twilight sky beyond them. I have to choose either to go get my camera and possibly miss the shot because night will have fallen before I get back or to just stay and enjoy the view, knowing I have missed a perfect photo opportunity;
  • The Princess Mom and my sister.
That's just the bits I remember over a couple of days. Ack.

The way things are going, I'll see you in my dreams!


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diamond dave said...

Think the ACLU should be classified as a terrorist organization trying to undermine America.