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That's about right.

This is a three-hankie love story:
Nine days later, Sabrina's grandparents knew the end was near. They called Matt. He held her hand through the night. Sabrina died in her sleep, with the boy who loved her with all his heart by her side.

Before her body was taken away, Matt kissed her gently on the head.

"Thank you for saving me," he told her.
If that doesn't get you, you have no heart.

Sometimes Chicagoans have a funny definition of what makes up a "nice" neighborhood:
“It’s a quiet corner most of the time, other than the regular drug and gang activity,” said a worker at a nearby shop.
Text message blows up suicide bomber by accident
Karma -- it's a beautiful thing.

It's bad enough I can play Mahjong on my laptop and waste hours at a time. I am NOT putting it on my Kindle, even if it is half price for a limited time...

I swiped this from Amy Alkon, who freely swiped it from a regular commenter. I went to Spokeo, and by golly there was some very outdated information that I really would rather hadn't been out there. (And, thanks to Amy's timely posting, it's gone now.)

Go look yourself up. If you find yourself, click on the link, copy the URL, and then follow the steps outlined in Amy's post if you don't want your personal info out there on the interwebs for all to find.

Belly Laugh of the Day:

I'll never hear the phrase, "I know what I'm doing" again without bursting into laughter without anyone within earshot having a clue why.

(A big ol' smooch to Matt G for that one!)

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