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Here's a great review of the candidates for RNC Chairman. Read up, then follow the links and go visit their sites.

Joanie asks and I deliver. Go read this, and then offer up a prayer or two if you're of the prayerful persuasion.

Chicago restaurant owners apparently have their knickers in a knot over the fact that we're finally about to get food trucks that allow cooking on the premises.
“If these things really work by social media, they could just go to food deserts. There are plenty of neighborhoods in the city that have a shortage of restaurants and grocery stores or late-night places to eat,” said the association’s president, Sheila O’Grady, Mayor Daley’s longest-serving chief of staff.

“The thing that appeals to people is they think some fabulous chef will be producing some amazing street food. They use Twitter to say, ‘I’m gonna be at this corner at this time. Come meet me.’ If that’s really how it works, people will follow you regardless of where or who you are.”
First of all, I can assure the owners throwing the biggest tantrums that someone who would choose to dine from a food truck on any given day probably didn't even consider a bricks & mortar fine dining restaurant as an alternative. Second of all, food trucks have been successfully integrated into the food scene in such cities as Los Angeles and New York with no harm at all to the B&MRs.

Suck it up, fellas. Offer a great product at a reasonable price and you've got nothing to worry about!

Some people apparently don't know when to quit. Personally, I think the Spider Man musical is doomed to failure. When the Fates send you a message, you really ought to pay attention.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Stands were all over filthadelphia - I just couldn't actually bring myself to eat from one.

Merry Christmas Les!


Omnibabe said...

I had the best gyro sandwich EVER at a food truck in NYC. I can't wait for more of that kind of street food here!