Leslie's Omnibus


I got on the train at Ogilvey Transportation center, headed for home. I was reading Mercury Falls* until Clyborn, at which point I made my first mistake, and thought, "I'll just rest my eyes* for a minute."

Next thing I heard was the dulcet tones of the canned voice saying, "Next stop, Norwood Park."

Oh, good. Norwood Park, Edison Park, Park Ridge, Dee Road, Des Plaines.


"Next stop, Fox River Grove."

Oh, fuuuuhhh-- oops.

One cup of cold coffee flavored with vile French vanilla creamer and a bag of even viler Jay's Cheeze Wheels later, I was headed in the opposite direction... with Batman sitting in the seat across the aisle from me, entertaining a couple of Valley Girls.

Oh, right. It's Halloween week.

Robert Kroese would see the synchronicity... and cackle with glee.

Off to bed...

*A ripping good read so far!

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