Leslie's Omnibus


Quote of the day: "Death was sometimes an unfortunate side effect, company president Jarrod Horton said."

The moron used poison. What other outcome did he expect?

Best blog name in a long time can be found here. Genius!

For BabsRN's vocabulary list: RTT with BBB and MFB, CFD. Heh.

On the drive from Helen back into Atlanta last Sunday, I was listening to a terrific oldies rock station. It has had the unfortunate effect, however, of planting these alternating earworms in my skull. I must admit that if I've gotta have earworms, these are better than most.


Unknown said...

I've had Frank Sinatra's version of "It Had TO Be You" in my head for 2 days...

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

I love that radio station. I love those 2 songs, too, and now Spirit in the Sky is in my head...LOL!!!!