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Chartered Excursions -- Chicago

Sorry to be tardy getting info out to those planning on attending this weekend. A move the weekend of the first, the Princess Mom having outpatient surgery on a couple of hematomas that got infected (remember the backward swan dive?), and my baby brother (I only call him that when he irritates me) passing on a whopping case of bronchitis have slowed me down considerably.

Anywhooo.... here's the plan:

I'm planning to take the day off on Friday, so if you are coming in by air or train, let me know if you need to be picked up, where and at what time.

Friday evening, let's meet up at the Stonewood Ale House, a dandy spot recommended by the lovely and talented LL. I'll get there by 5:00 p.m., but you can plan to show up whenever it suits your fancy. (Making bloggers do anything at the same time is like trying to herd cats on horseback with whisk brooms -- almost impossible.) We'll stay until the last blogger crawls out the door. How will you recognize me? I'll wear my Stetson. (I love any excuse to wear that hat!)

Saturday daytime:

Og is planning on being at the shooting range by 9:00 a.m. If you're going to need a ride, please let me or Og know ASAP.

For non-shootists, you have several choices:

1. Vegging by the pool at the Wyndham;

2. Shopping at Woodfield Mall;

3. A trip into Chicago to visit Millennium Park and anything else that strikes our fancy once we get there. (I'll plan to pull out of the Wyndham parking lot by 10:00 a.m. I'll plan to pull out of Grant Park Garage at 3:30 p.m. in order to give time to refresh, change, fortify, whatever.)

4. Stay home and get stuff done and make the rest of us working stiffs feel guilty.

If you're planning on the Chicago junket, please let me know so we can arrange rides for you.

Saturday evening, plan to meet at Klas around 6:00 p.m. Og notes that we should have a private room, so if you arrive late, just ask for the Ogmeet. (In fact, that's probably a good name for this whole venture, since it was his big idea in the first place.) As a courtesy to the restaurant, it would be good to have a head count. You know the drill.

Sunday morning -- you're on your own to make plans for breakfast, brunch, or the like. Need rides to the airport/train station? Again, let me know.

You can contact me at Omnibus-dot-Driver-at-gmail-dot-com or Og at mhardig-at-aol-dot-com.

From the emails I've gotten so far, it sounds like it's going to be a fascinating group... and remember -- lurkers and commenters are welcome, too.

TTFN. I'm off to slurp more cough medicine...

Update: A tip of the cap to Mr. Debonair for the pointer that led to our logo, above! (I sure wish he was coming, too!)


LL said...

So I'm still not sure if I'm gonna make it, but I will try. If I don't I will recommend to your readers what I did to you:



Nancy said...

Sounds like y'all are going to have some fun...

Wish I could be there, but some of us working stiffs ..sigh

heck, I'd be lying if I said anything but that I love my job, and I love being needed by this job.

Wish I could be two placed at once!