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I'm breaking Rule #7, okay?

Yep. One last ultra-cute cat bomb for Acidman.

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Still haven't had enough? Then swing on by to the Carnival of the Cats due out this Sunday evening after 6 p.m. at Watermark.


Anonymous said...

Very cute picture!

Anonymous said...

That little cat is something else. I have a few pictures, if I can find them, with Robbie at my house with three little kitties all over him. Those caute were mine when they were very young. Rob loved them and told me never to post those pictures. After a few more visits to my house, the cats started to grow and they remembered Rob, when he sat his ass in a chair, they climbed all over him. They loved the Acidman.

Omnibabe said...

Hah! That sounds like the Old Crankypants we knew and loved!

Unknown said...

Cat that is priceless...the "REAL" Aciman revealed...

Gigolo Kitty said...

The Gigolokitty wishes the Divine Miss Marilyn a very happy 4th of July.