Leslie's Omnibus


Quote of the day: "Somewhere out there is a comet with a lampshade on its head."

(Somewhere in Chicago there was an Omnibus Driver with a lampshade on her head last night, too, if my fuzzy recall is correct.)

Things to do when I get home tonight:

#1 Write "You are not 21 any more, you blithering idiot" 100 times on the whiteboard.

#2 Take 2 aspirin.

#3 Go straight to bed.

Note to self: It's a very short stumble from "blithe" to "blithering".


Elisson said...

At least it's not a comet with a colander on its head.

That 1 Guy said...

Heheheh... sounds like you had a good evening. Medicate, rest, forget consequences...

You're ready to do it all again! ;)

Maeve said...

Water, LOTS and LOTS of water to go with that asprin!!!

Anonymous said...

it's common to start training before a blog meet. you'll have me beat gurl, go for it!!

Anonymous said...

As Maeve pointed out, the water is important. I hope you're not rowdy like this in Austin. I always prefer quieter, more sedate blogmeets, ya know.

Anonymous said...

To quote my Mom: "As long as you had a good time." Hard to keep in mind you had a good time when your head is levitating six inches above your shoulders.

Richmond said...

Hoo boy... And drink a coke. A cheesburger and a coke will go a long way in curin' ya!

Anonymous said...

Only two aspirin?

I guess you didn't have THAT much fun :-)