Leslie's Omnibus


Seems somebody had to cheat to get his driver's license renewed:

Damn! That little monkey sure does get around...

(A tip of the cap to Kellie.)

El Capitan was tagged with an interesting meme, so I thought I'd pick up on it:

Go to Google and put your your first name and the word needs within quotes and record the first 10 results. Like so: Leslie "needs"

And we get:

1. Leslie needs to poke Thomas but will not have a chance before the business meeting. [Thomas? Who in the hell is Thomas?]

2. Leslie needs a time of 2:20 to qualify for the Olympic trials. [And she can make it, too, in the speed-shopping competition.]

3. Leslie needs to complete thirty credit hours.

4. Leslie needs a family with a strong support network that has access to varied therapeutic and community supports. [Truer words were probably never spoken.]

5. Leslie needs to find a place in Paula's life where she does in fact have commitment. [Actually, Leslie has found that here.]

6. Leslie needs to get away from Steve. [SWMBO said so.]

7. Leslie needs to be dealt with. [Yeah, yeah. That's what Zonker and V-Man keep saying.]

8. Leslie needs rides for her medical visits and to pick up glasses, etc.

9. Leslie speaker 101 needs amp work. [Huh? In English, please.]

10. Leslie needs to write down a question for Jeff and she needs to make it really embarrassing and include the phrase "vinyl record albums". [The only blogging Jeff I know is this guy, and if I was asking him really embarrassing questions about vinyl, it wouldn't be about record albums.]

I tag Moogie, Yabu, Pammy, Shoe and Og. That should get some interesting results.

Given that Commonwealth Edison is predicting that our electric bills will go up 30% to 70% in the next year, this might very well be true.


Ray said...

Yikes! I AM losing weight.

Omnibabe said...

What I want to know is when did you trade in the Velociwheels for a unicycle, and are you bringing it to Helen next fall?

Key said...

Oh, how cute! Can I call him Kimmie?

Anonymous said...

Done!!! That is some wierd shit...

MOM IS NUTZ said...

Thanks so much for the tip of the hat...now...will you take my license info off the site? LOLOLOL...have a great day!