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They're here! My little book project has finally come to fruition, and the student journals arrived today. It will take me a day or two to get through all the journals, and I'll be posting some of the kids'comments. In the meantime, I thought you might like to see their assignment:

Book of My Own Project

Here is the list of journal entries for your new book. Don't panic... you do not have to do every one! You get to pick from the list, except you can't use a topic more than once!!!!

There are twenty pages in your journals. Be creative in how you use them. This is your way to showcase the book. I hope to see pictures, phrases, character bubble maps, cartoon strip, or anything else you can come up with.

You will need 10 journal entries. Basically I am looking for you to writ ein 10 of those pages. You can put more than one entry per page if you want. Some days you might have more to write about than others so you might use two topics instead of one. It is up to you. This is your creation.

-- After reading today's section, who is the main character? What makes this charater the most imporant in the story?

-- Where does the story take place? Does it remind you of anywhere you have been, yes or no? Explain why?

-- What was the most important event that happened in the section you read today?

-- Summarize today's section (tell the main idean in 3-4 sentences).

-- What reading strategies did you use today and when did you use each?

-- Who is your favorite character? Be sure to describe this character so I undertand what you like about him or her.

-- Is there any part of the book you dislike? Describe what it is that you dislike by using examples from the book.

-- Draw a picture of something you were able to really visualize as you read today. Write two sentences describing the scene you drew.

-- Expand on this sentence.... The section I read today reminds me of....

-- Is there a character in your book that you have nothing in common with? What is is bout that character that makes him/her so much different than you?

-- Could this story happen in real life? Why or why not?

-- After reading today's section, describe a serious problem in the story. How would you solve it?

-- Predict something that you think will happen next.

-- Summarize today's section.

-- Make up five questions about the book's characters, setting, problem, or events.

-- Tell about your favorite part or character in the story. Be sure to include details.

-- How has the main character changed throughout the story so far? Have they changed the way they think, act or feel about anything?

-- What is the problem in the story? Why is this a problem?

-- Make up three questions in the story.

-- Finish the following thought.... If I could change anything in the story, I would change....

-- Who would you most like to be friends wit in this book and why?

-- Which character are you most similar to and why?

-- Has your book changed settings? Where has the story taken you?

-- Describe a key event from the section you read today. Did this section give you any clues how this story will end?

-- Why do you think your book has the title it does? Really explain your supporting reasons.

-- Do the characters remind you of characters in other books?

-- How does this book relate to your life?

-- Have any of your predictions been confirmed, yes or no? What happened or did not happen that you had predicted?

Ms. Kapp did a great job in taking my idea and turning it into a thought-provoking assignment.

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