Leslie's Omnibus

Pub Crawl

So... Darkey Kelly's and The Ha'Penny Bridge Inn in Dublin, The Danny Mann in Killarney... what's next?

An unusual trad session at O'Conner's Pub in Killarney. It's small. It's darker than dark inside. The musicians were a bunch of kids sharing a single microphone and calling themselves "Train Wreck." Why unusual? Well, they play not only traditional Irish music, but also some kick-ass blue grass. But see for yourself:

We heard guitar, mandolin, recorder, penny whistle, accordian and string bass, along with excellent vocals. I wish I'd been able to film the last song of the night, as the kids all stood up on the seats of their stools, including the guy with the huge honking bass, and played their hearts out!

(And that's Rasher on the accordian. He made very sure to ask for full credit. Heh!)


Monica said...

We must have seen them only a few days before you were there :-) I'm still kicking myself b/c I was dying to get a cd and was too shy to ask (they just kept going, whew!) and now I'm hunting the internet to see if I can figure out if there is any way I can get one from home! Thanks for posting that bit, they really were great! (and my husband is STILL amazed that he got the bass up there)

Omnibus Driver said...

I bought the CD. You can contact Brian_Lucey@hotmail.com for more info. Glad someone else enjoyed them as much as we did!