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For my buddy Nancy, whose roses are fading, these images from Tralee Town Park, home of the Rose of Tralee Festival:

The Rose herself.

Yes, they really were that lovely in October!

Boy, I wish I'd seen these illuminated balloons while I was in Ireland, as I'd have brought some home for my nieces. How utterly cool!

See, this guy made his serious mistake when he crafted his motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair. If he'd talked to me first, he'd have insisted on cruise control. And he'd have never made the second mistake... which led to a DWI. Sheesh.

The Chicago Tribune features some "lost" recipes, at least three of which are going straight to my recipe box (and, oddly, none of them feature bacon). Yummy, yummy stuff!

He really doesn't realize or care how smug and small-minded this makes him look, does he? (And, really, doesn't he wish that, at a minimum, Joe Biden was that way, too?)

Giggle of the Day:
Code Brown
Go ahead. I dare you not to laugh out loud. (My receptionist heard me shrieking with giggles from the other side of the office. So there.)

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Barrie said...

How very petty and un-presidential this guy is!! I can barely stand to hear him at all. Does he realize that he won and is not still campaigning?!

Miss you,