Leslie's Omnibus


Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! This is the guy that Obama's sending his health czar to court???

Excuse me. I have pick myself up off the floor and wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. And the side of my hand hurts from where I was pounding it on the ground during that exquisite giggle fest.


Here's even more hair-raising news on the problem with over-use of anti-psychotics in nursing homes in Illinois.

I'm telling you, you need to deal with issues like this now and in writing. Make sure whoever holds your healthcare power of attorney has a copy on file. This is scary, scary stuff.

What does all this messing around with healthcare in Washington have to show for itself so far? Oh... just this. I suspect we'll see a lot more news items just like that in the near future. Grrr.

Got pumpkins on display for Halloween? Here's a way to discourage the local rodent population from eating them.

Bacon reaches new heights of popularity? That's just as it should be.


John Ruberry said...

Tks for the link, Leslie.

Omnibus Driver said...

My pleasure, John. Now... when are you going to run for office so I can vote for you??? And have you heard anything about my friend Matt, who's running for Illinois Congress? http://www.blackfive.net/main/2009/09/blackfive-for-office.html

You two should meet. Even if we're not in his congressional district, we should support like-minded people!