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Oooh! Shiny!

I have once again bitten off a project that is much more complicated than I ever imagined it would turn out to be. I've been transcribing selected recipes from my mom's THREE ginormous recipe boxes for my sister and sister-in-law. But they left out too much good stuff. And going, recipe by recipe, through the boxes, it's brought back a ton of memories.

Thus... a cookbook is in the works, tentatively titled:

From the Recipe Box(es)of Barbara Ann Jones Morlock
Transcribed, Translated, Annotated and Greatly Appreciated
by Leslie Meredith Morlock Spiller,
Who Learned Everything She Needed to Know
About Life and Cooking
From Her Mom
(Who Knew Everything About Everything,
And Reminded Her of the Same Frequently)

I'm already 50 pages into the bugger, and am only 2/3 of the way through the first recipe box. I'm thinking this will be a Christmas gift for everyone in my family. And I might offer it to friends for free if they make a $10 donation to their favorite charity first.

Here's a little excerpt from the Forward (as it stands at the moment; it's subject to change):
"Mom’s cooking was a product of the convenience era, and she favored comfort food. If a main dish didn’t have at least one of the following, it probably wasn’t worth making: real butter, cheese, bacon, sausage, kielbasa, sour cream, mushrooms, cream of mushroom, chicken and/or celery soup, mayonnaise, Lipton’s Onion Soup mix and Pepperidge Farm herbed stuffing mix, with bonus points for any combination of the foregoing. That is to say, if you’re counting calories or cholesterol, put this book down and walk away now. If you want to toss caloric caution to the wind, I guarantee you’ll find good stuff here."
Whaddaya think?

On the heels of all this, I swiped this little excerpt from Wife Swap from my ex-sister-in-law:

A kid after my own heart!


Rave said...

Uh- I think your mother and my father must have channeled the same chef growing up.....

Graumagus said...

What if my favorite charity is the NRA? Heheheh
Seriously, tho, if you do decide to do that, sign me up for one. Well worth $10 or more.

Barb said...

What a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

I did this with my great grandma's recipe box. I'll trade you her recipies for for Grandma's.


Nancy said...

sounds like a woman after my own heart!

Omnibus Driver said...

Rave -- It's a generational thing, I think.

Bill -- That's fine with me, and I'm flattered.

Barb -- It's a real stroll down memory lane, that's for sure.

Alicia -- That sounds great! And you won't believe how crazy I've gone on this.

Nancy -- You'd have adored the Princess Mom, and she'd have loved YOU.

Walrilla said...

You let me know when you're done, and I'm in for at least two, maybe more!

Omnibus Driver said...

Walrilla, you always know how to put a huge grin on my face. And I guarantee the cookbook will put a grin on yours, too.

How? Right now I'm working on a section called "Epic Fail" and dedicating the space to a single recipe and the story behind it.