Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

Audrey Bethel is a far more forgiving woman than I would be.

First her mother invades the privacy of her adult daughter not once, but twice.

Then she promises herself she'll never breach her daughter's privacy like that again.

Then she confesses her breach of trust to her daughter, who forgives her.

THEN, she decides she needs to deal with her own angst, derived from breaching her daughter's privacy, and write a long article about the whole thing, including intimate details of her daughter's health scare, show it to her editor, who wanted to publish it... and then asked her daughter if that would be okay.

Call me crazy, but Joyce Maynard is a narcissistic bitch who doesn't deserve her kid's forgiveness over this. Unfortunately, HIPPA doesn't cover a family member with a big mouth and no moral compass.

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