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Moving Violation

I love Dax Montana, but I think he's dead wrong about Roman Polanski.

He's certainly called bullshit on one of the big dogs of blogging, but it seems he can't take the heat when it's turned up on his own freakin' kitchen.

I asked a simple question -- "If it was your thirteen year old daughter, would it be 'rape-rape'" And my comment has been deleted. Elisson has called bullshit on every other level, and his comments still stand. But the real question on whether it's okay if it's someone else's kid, or if it's YOUR kid still stand.

You can delete my comment, but you can't delete my own blog post asking the question, dude.

Hoosierboy is absolutely dead on. A pervert is a pervert. And the bastard RAN from facing the consequences of his actions. Justice is overdue.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it he was inf act proscecuted, but he ran from sentencing.

Omnibus Driver said...

You're correct. Duly updated.

JihadGene said...

Polanski sounds like he's more than qualified to be a "Kiddie Czar" in my administration!

B.H. Obama
Prez, D.C.

Sam (EOTIS) said...

I was all over that one as well...off topic...are you going to the Blade's in a couple of weeks?

Graumagus said...

He drugged and raped/sodomized a 13 year old kid. I don't give a damn if the asshole created the most wonderful pieces of entertainment in the history of man, all he deserves is a goddamn bullet like any other rabid dog.

The real question in my mind, is where was this child's father, and why did he not go hunting without a license across Europe? Because if it was MY kid extradition back to the states would be the least of this walking dead man's worries.

And moderating a legitimate question such as yours is bullshit.

Nancy said...

I think your comment is back....