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Ear Worm of the Day:

My "No. 1 Son" at work used to sit in the cube next to me and play this song over and over again. For a while there it was iffy as to whether or not one day I'd crack and go over the top of the cube after him if he played that song just one damned more time. But No. 1 Son is now "Dr. Rudy" and has gone from the world of cubicles for several years, and I can now listen to this song, and smile when I do, with great fondness.

How much did cash for clunkers really cost us? How about $24,000 per vehicle instead of the the $4,000 the government told us it cost.

Still feeling good about that?

Chicago logic: We have a vastly understaffed police force in Chicago that's gone without a contract or a raise in over two years, so what do our alderman and mayor want to do about it? Discuss making each and every peace officer and fireman in the city take 25 furlough days!

The aldermen are making big loud noises about seriously limiting raises for the boys and girls in blue.

Given the number of school shootings, muggings and other crime problems we've recently been experiencing here, especially in the face of the recession, it's no wonder SCC has declared war.

The only way the aldermen and Mayor Shortshanks could be more stupid is to not only enforce the furlow days, but to announce to the local networks when those furlows will take place. And because this is Chicago, that's a distinct probability.

And speaking of our brilliant aldermen, it seems the light bulb just went off above their collective pointy heads:
“We’re selling our future. . . . We’ve heard a lot of promises about how we’re gonna put this back. I just don’t believe it.”
Dude! If you don't believe it, just how do you think the tax-paying public feels?

I'm glad to see that our legislature is considering taking away the free Metra passes for seniors who can afford to buy their own. I was against giving this perk when Governor Give-Away forced this on the RTA in the first place, and I'm against it now.

Nah. Her firing had nothing do to with the lawsuit.


Smooth move, guys.

Are dollars tight for buying holiday gifts this year? Even if the answer is "no," you might want to check out this article, which lists tons of ways to get discounts and save money.

Giggle of the Day -- It's a Two-Fer:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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... and...

cute pictures of puppies with captions
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Update: And you thought people with itty bitty dogs they speak to in baby talk were nuts? Ummmm, think again. (And I wouldn't have asked that from a paid pet sitter, let alone a good friend. That takes crazy to a whole new level.)

One more reason I have a blog-crush on William A. Jacobson.

If this headline doesn't tell you everything you need to know about Pelosi, nothing does.

Quote of the Day:
Too right.

And, by the way, the total cost of that health care plan is approximately the cost of our 1982 national debt. Chew on that for a while.


JihadGene said...

Listening to the ear-worm
(over the rainbow) and smiling a big smile with you!

Mike said...

That song (as sung by Iz) always stops me cold, mouth hanging open. The first time I heard his medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World," from the soundtrack of "Meet Joe Black," I missed my exit and the next three, and then detoured to BestBuy to buy the CD. Just ... damn.