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Tootin' the Horn

Happy first blogiversary to me!

Some thanks are in order:

To Kevin Heller who nudged (er, shoved) me in the direction of blogging and Rebecca Blood for both her book and her encouraging emails -- Fairy Blogparents extraordinaire.

To Kevin Barkes, the best Blogdaddy a girl could ever ask for.

To Blonde Justice, my Blogmama, even if she doesn't acknowledge me. If it weren't for her, I'd still be sending out a daily email instead of blogging. (Will somebody please convince her I'm a blog kid worth claiming?)

To some terrific women who inspired, amazed and offered the hand of friendship: Dana, Kelley, Key, Christina, Lila, Michele and Moogie.

Some charming gentlemen who did the same: Jeff, the Manolo, Acidman, Pejman, Patterico, Spoons, Straight White Guy, Velociman, Zonker, Dax, Kevin and Denny.

One of these days one of these good folks is really going to take pity on me and teach me how to put up a site meter. And a blogroll. A whole year later, and I'm still one of the biggest techno-tards on the planet. (And as soon as I figure out how to put up a blogroll, all of the above-mentioned folks will be on it.)

A lot has happened in a year:

Some dear friends got hitched. They share an anniversary with this blog.

I lost my mom.

I found my mom.

I changed my mind about hating dating.

I danced with a famous guy.

I read a bunch of books. (Too many posts to link!)

I rode to the rescue.

I went on the cruise of a lifetime:

An awful lot of my rowdy friends sent me an awful lot of jokes. (Way too many to link.)

I got some really lousy news about my mom.

I became a superhero. (Scroll down.)

I was the Ringmaster for a Carnival.

I squirrel-blogged.

The news got better.

My little traveling companion met Buckaroo Bonsai's four-footed buddy.

My neighborhood went to hell in a handbasket.

I had the best Valentine's Day ever.

Mom took us on another roller coaster ride.

My plans went awry.

Zonker administered a written exam.

I embarked on a really cool project.

I took a trip to Florida.

I went back to Florida.

I got to relate the best news of all.

I got totally surprised. (And honored.)

I took a trip down Memory Lane.

My project finally came together.

I fumed (too many times to link). I laughed. Occasionally I cried.

Oh, yeah. And somewhere in there, not only did I stop hating dating, I actually fell in love.

Not a bad year, huh?

P.S. -- The new year isn't starting off too badly, either. Next week, I get to spin a yarn.


Elisson said...

Well, congrats to you, too, Leslie da Bus Driver! A year is a lotta Bloggy Fun, no doubt about it.

A fellow CotC host, no less!

Dash said...

Congrats on the blogiversary. May you have many more.

zonker said...

Hey! Happy blogiversary, Leslie! You've had a very busy year and I hope this next year is even better in every way. Keep up the great blogging!

Patterico said...


Nice retrospective.

esq. said...

Congratulations and keep it up.

Christina said...

Happy First Blogiversary!!!

Man, WHAT a year you have had.

; )

All the best!

Blonde Justice said...

Congrats on your blogiversary.

And, you want a link? You're getting a link. Happy 'versary.