Leslie's Omnibus

The Mom Update

It's really frustrating to be so far away from Mom at a time like this, because she's sick enough that she's really not up to asking the doctors many (any) questions about the tests they're doing and what her condition really is. Heidi talked to her doctor today, and it appears that it's both anemia and pneumonia. Although she's been on antibiotics from the moment she was checked in, she's still running a high fever. The infectious disease doc is puzzled because she hasn't responded as well as they think she should. Great.

So... no more chemo and certainly no radiation until she's completely recovered. And even then, it's the big "we'll see."

Clearly, she's not going on a cruise any time soon. The big question is, when will she be well enough to be released, and will she need some help for a while after she is. I may be headed to Florida sooner than I anticipated. I really hope she'll actually accept the assistance.

Please keep Mom in your prayers.

And while you're at those prayers, Miss Elva isn't doing so well. My heart goes out to Rob, as we went through this with my dad not to long ago. Pray for both of them, please.


3rd Times a Charm said...

I will put your mom on my prayer list. Can I ask her first name? (for practical prayer reasons) Or I can just pray for Leslie's mom. And I will lift you up as well. I know the emotional turmoil, and heartache of cancer, in the ones we love. You'll be in my thoughts, and prayers.

Omnibus Driver said...

My mom's name is Barbara.

Many, many thanks for your kindness and concern.