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Cats lack a sweet tooth?

Huh. I guess nobody bothered to that to tell the Divine Miss Marilyn. One of her favorite things is to "share" cookies with me. And by share, I mean she's made a beeline for me as fast as I can get a box open or wrapper off and in my face challenging me bite for bite.

She considers ice cream a culinary art form. She thinks cantaloupe is God's ambrosia for cats. She thinks coffee cake is a misnomer -- it should be kitty cake.

Nope. Cats don't have a sweet tooth. Nuh uh.

Laurence Simon asks the cats what they think of Mel Gibson's new movie with the dialogue all in Mayan.

Tiger Boots says: "See this toy? It's Mayan. All Mayan."


1 comment:

Dana said...

I love your kitties...they are adorable.

And yeah...I agree with you on the kitty sweet tooth thing...

ALL of mine like sweets.