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I'll Be the Judge of That

Really, I will!

I received an invitation to judge the Kuykendall Image Award submissions for the Cat Writer's Association. The KIA is presented to the outstanding image entry featuring cats -- whether photography, illustration or graphic art. This may be a single piece or series entry, including but not limited to photos/artwork published in a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, book, pamphlet, calendar, poster, greeting card or commercial on-line publication. The award consists of $250 and a commemorative item.

How fun is that?

I don't know how I got selected for this honor, but I'm really greatful for the opportunity.

(It's really too bad they don't have a cat blogging award, as well.)

Update: Apparently my friend Steve Dale was a double winner last year. Can't think of a nicer guy to receive those particular awards. But in looking at the various judges, I've got to wonder how in the heck I ended up among all these luminaries???

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Omnibus Driver said...

Aha! It was Steve who nominated me. I guess it pays to have friends in high places... who have friends in even higher places!