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I'm back from Florida, and not a moment too soon.

While I was visiting with the Princess Mom, she pulled out my dad's high school yearbook for his senior year. Since Dad can't answer from the ether, I'm hoping someone out there may be able to answer two questions that cropped up as a result:

One: Dad's ambition was "To be the next Nelson Church." Who the hell is Nelson Church? I'd really kind of like to know so I can figure out whether Dad achieved that particular goal.

Two: Several of the guys in his class listed "reciprocating dingle arms" as their pet peeve. What in the world is a reciprocating dingle arm???

It may just take a member of the class of '47 to answer these pressing questions.

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Ray said...

No luck on Nelson Church. May have been a friend. Reciprocating dingle arm was part of a geek joke circa 1944. Ha ha ha!