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The Mom Update

She's home for the summer! ('Scuse me while I climb up on my desk and do the happy dance.)


According to the radiologist, the tumor has shrunk to half the size it was. The cells killed by chemo won't come back. The cells stopped by the radiation may come back. It's the big "we'll see." What's important is that right now she's done with treatment. Praise Jesus.

Yeah, she gets tired easily. Yeah, she's lost so much weight that she can't sit in a hard chair for very long because she has absolutely no butt left.

Sooooooo.................... we help her build up her stamina and we fatten her up a bit.* She gets her daily dose of Nana therapy with TMBCITW (who, BTW, will be getting a new brother or sister in early autumn). She gets to enjoy my brother's back yard with its beautiful landscaping, including waterfalls and koi pond. One of her best buddies lives down the block, and she'll be shagging Mom's skinny butt out the door and into the sunshine for walks and girl talk.

Yep. Frustrated as I get with her sometimes, I love that feisty little woman. Thanks for all your prayers and support. It really helped to get us to this point.

*My personal secret recipe for tempting her palate is to take fresh raspberries, crush and sugar them well and then let sit for at least an hour. In a bowl layer a slice of pound cake, a couple of good-sized scoops of Godiva Raspberry Chocolate Truffle ice cream, a couple of good glops of raspberries and top with real whipped cream. If you really want overkill, add home-made hot fudge sauce before you add the whipped cream. She can't resist it, and you won't be able to, either. Yum!

Update: If you can't find the Godiva ice cream, try Dove's Irresistibly Raspberry, instead. Mmm-mmm!

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zonker said...

Sounds like things are going well. I'm very glad to hear it!